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LED Diagram/ratios Acceptable on Evergrow?


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Hi All,


I'm sure this topic has been beat to death, but I couldn't find the answer to my one question after wading through the search results...


Is the standard (straight from ebay) Evergrow D120 LED layout/ratios decent for a growout tank?

I'm planning on one or two for my frag setup which is a 3'x 3' flood tray currently lit by t5s.


Here is the specific ratio and a few pics of the setup through the ebay company I found first.. I don't believe they do customizing and I don't really want to bother since its not my DT.


  • --Dimmer One(28 LEDs):
    Cool White(10000-14000K), 8pcs;Neutral White(5500-7500K),6pcs;Warm White(3000-4500K),6pcs
    Deep Red 660nm,2pcs;Green 520nm,2pcs ;Violet 420nm,4pcs.
  • --Dimmer Two(27 LEDs):
    Blue (460-470nm), 20pcs
    Royal Blue 450nm, 7pcs

Thanks all! Happy Reefing.



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I don't have experience with them, but they seem to be similar enough to ones that are recommended quite often.


You would probably need a pair to get the coverage you want and keep the PAR up, as you were considering already.

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