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Seagel or just crap?!


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Hi everyone!

I've ordered seagel (seachem) on ebay and received this:


No phosguard in it? Can someone tell me if it's normal?


Thank you!



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Doesn't even look like seachem matrix carbon (spherical), looks like cheap pelletized carbon. You got hosed!

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My LFS just had some bottles of various Seachem products that were mislabeled. Not all, but some, so examine closely before use.

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That is not Matrix Carbon (spherical) and it is also missing the phos remover (as stated by others).

You got ripped off!



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What the ebay seller said:


Dear faniebg01,


well that is weird...I will send you another sea gel. I will double check this one

I will be honest, I just grabbed that jar and never checked it

Sorry about that




I'll wait 1 more week and if I don't get my seagel, I will claim my money back...

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"To be honest" usually indicates the opposite. Why would you expect someone not to be honest so that they have to preface their statement with that phrase? Good luck!

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