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Good cheap temporary LED for Biocube 14?


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Hey Folks,

I am going to replace my stock Biocube lights with a Nanobox retrofit.

But, need a temporary light to use while the hood is being modified. The light would also serve as a back-up or QT light.



I was thinking of the one below; anyone bought this unit?

Any other suggestions?







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I would say a simple gu10 3x3w light from ebay. They would serve a good quarantine light or even to grow Chaeto.

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Hell, if it's just temporary, get some 5000K CFLs and clip-on reflectors from Home Depot or Lowes. Color sucks big ones, but they'll still grow your coral as long as you give enough intensity.



EDIT: Plus, the light you linked to has basically no intensity to speak of, to the point where it would not be useful unless the corals were 1-2" below it.

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Thanks, I was concerned about the intensity.


I was actually considering a clip-on ligh from home Depot with a LED bulb.

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I wouldn't even bother going with any of the 'household' LED PAR bulbs, they're usually very expensive at hardware stores for what they are. Since it is temporary, the CFLs won't hurt anything and will be much cheaper.

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