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Coral Vue Hydros

thinking about getting a clam


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I have a little 12 gallon nano cube that has been running for about 4 months. for filtration i have an in tank media basket with gfo, carbon, and algone. in the second chamber i have macro algae and a small light. Third chamber i have a heater and the stock pump. I also have a korialia 240 in there for more flow and eventually i will get a maxi jet 900. Ok so with all that said, I'm thinking about getting a clam in there. For lighting i have current true lumen led strip lights, i upgraded from the pc that came with it. i have 1 marine fusion 12,000k white/453nm blue and 1 deepwater 453nm blue actinic, is this enough for a clam. Im religious about the maintenance of my tank, i do weekly water changes. what do you guys think??????

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