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Sale on Clean up Crew Packages Today and Tomorrow


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From now until Saturday night at midnight your local time our clean up crew packages are on sale, 11% off. To take advantage of the discount, just add one of the quick crew packages to the cart and use the code "eleven". All lowercase, drop the quotes when you use the code. Thanks again for the support!


Some note on quick crews:


They come with free shipping.

The type of free shipping they come with is indicated in the product details page, and on the product category page.

You can add any items to your order and get free shipping still so long as those items can be shipped with the type of shipping that come with the quick crew package. ie; if you get a quick crew with hermits that comes with Express Mail you can add any item you like and get free shipping. If you order a quick crew with Priority Mail though, any items that require Express Mail will not be able to ship for free. Items that require Express Mail have a * next to their name.

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I need some critters for my pico. And you're right John, those skunk cleaners are demolishing my snails. :angry:

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