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Coral Vue Hydros

Reef Breeders Value LED Question


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How high above the tank should I have it? Right now it is about 6" above the tank and on the lowest percentage for both channels and I don't know if I should turn the lights up or if I should raise the light more.

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I have mine 8 inches off water line on my 20long and have whites at 60% an blues at 75%

Do you think you have good growth?

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Yes, i have some sps, lps, and softies, no bleaching and good growth, but take time ramping up the intensity of the lights over a few weeks

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Same here mines 8 inches above about the same light level too, only coral that hasnt done imporved is my acropora

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Ya mine is 8" and it have seen growth in a week and havent even ramped up yet still at 10% white and 20% blue

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