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Detaching a leather


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I have a leather in my Evolve 4 that has partially attached itself to the back wall of the tank. I'd like to remove it and place it on a plug or piece of rock so that I can move it to my new tank within the next few days. Will using a plastic putty knife loosen it sufficiently without damaging it?

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leathers are propagated by cuttings anyways so chances are, even if you cut it, it will be fine and probably grow another one anyways. But yes you can use a putty knife and try and pry it off.

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Thanks! I've been envisioning horrible disasters such as strips of leather pulling away like string cheese leaving me with either multiple leathers (yikes!) or liquefied mush.

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Lol. I had bubble algae start to grow in one of my leathers. Removing the algae cause strips to peel off very much like string cheese. The leather was mad for maybe 24 hours before it started being happy again.

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