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Feather duster heads split?


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I have a duster that keeps leaving his husk. Today I noticed a piece of him was split. he was by a rock and the husk still had a piece of the worm in it.. Now I noticed the crown is split off It's like the crown was cut in half.. Is this guy dead or is he just making another home..

First Crown has a torso but only partial sine the other piece was in the husk

The second crown has no torso yet.. Actually where the torso should be it's hollow.

I read where the reason he left the husk was he was looking for a mate..

when a duster dies do the individual petals of the crown fall off??

This is whole process is actually interesting

I also read that when they split crowns it can become fatal?? I hope this is not the case.

The mistake I did make was the part of the worm that fell out of the husk I threw away. I didn't want fish or shrimp

picking or eating this..

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Could be just making a new crown, mine do this from time. It's cool watching the new crown grown to nothing to full crown in weeks

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