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Feather duster infestation?


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I'm getting ready to move my clownfish from a 12g noobcube to a 33g long, and I'm almost ready to start cycling the new tank. I wanted to seed with a piece of rock from the 12g, but it has feather dusters and tons of what I have to assume are feather duster babies! I have never read that feather dusters are a pest like aipstasia or bubble algae, but damn, these guys are everywhere! If you look at the pic below, there are little white spots everywhere, like nerite eggs.


Should I write off the possibility of using any of this rock to seed the new tank? Will it hurt if I put a piece in for a day? A week? I just don't want to end up with a feather duster species tank :(



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These worms are related to a feather duster but are not true dusters. They do not get any bigger than the largest one you see in this pic. They are opportunistic filter feeders and good to have. Any coral will just grow right over them.

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Something tells me a crab or shrimp might take some of those off of your hands. But I don't know much about feather dusters...

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Well, if the egg-looking things grow up into adults, I will have 3 or 4 hundred <_<


those aren't feather duster 'babies. They are spirorbis, they stay small and are harmless.

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Hmm...maybe I have been overfeeding the 12g then. So I guess if I move a rock with these on it to the new 33g tank to help it cycle, they will die off since there aren't too many nutrients in a cycling tank.


I guess I'm worrying about nothing. My bad.

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Those guys are really awesome. I had some a while back growing some insanely long tubes in my sump but they were safe from predation there so they could get away with it.

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