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Sand and Rodi Questions!


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Which one would you guys get and why? I like the idea of having flush kits and tds meters so I've been leaning to the brs units. I automatically came to the 4 stage brs plus, but if Im going to be spending that much already for a bit more I can get the 5 stage. Is there a big diff in the 4 and 5?


As for the sand question. I feel like I never put enough sand in my 40b when i upgraded from a 29g. Would I be okay adding live sand or will I have to worry about something?


Thanks in advance guys.

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One thing you should check on is if your water company is, or planning to, using Chloramines. If so, you will want to get a RO/DI unit with filters for that. It basically is just a different carbon, but if you have Chloramines, best to use the right carbon from the start. I went with the 6 stage cloramine system myself because I liked all the gadgets it came with. ;)

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IMO the Spectrapure is the best unit because it is literally the bare bones and comes with the highest quality sediment filter, carbon block and membrane and will handle low levels of chloramines out of the box without additional stages.


If you like a flush kit and TDS meter, simply buy them separately. If you have high levels of chloramines in your water, buy an additional canister and fill it with catalytic activated carbon after your sediment filter.


Starting with a simple, basic, top of the line system is your best bet because you get only what you need, and you know it is quality. Then, you can customize the RODI unit to meet your exact needs without spending money on a bunch of useless stuff.


A flush kit is all of $10 when bought prepackaged (it's just 2 wye's and a valve - it is just a flow-restrictor bypass which you can do without a flush kit, just remove the flow restrictor) and a dual TDS meter is only $30. If you wanted to build a custom chloramines eating canister, you can build it for less than $50 on BRS (canister, media cartridge, container of catalytic carbon, bracket, plumbing, and hardware).


Buying filters in the long run is going to easily outweigh the initial investment in just a couple years even on a 3-stage system. What is the point of buying a system that contains filters you don't need? It is just a waste of money. Customize a unit to your specific needs and do it right. There is no need to have dual sediment filters if you have low particulates in your water or dual carbon stages if you don't have chloramines.


Spend some time researching exactly what you need for your water source.

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I have never owned an RODI unit before and after doing my extensive research it was down to BRS unit & the SpectaPure, i went with the SpetraPure CSPDI 90 2:1. I can not say enough about the unit. From taking it out of the box the build quality is awesome. Install in my laundry room was 5 minutes and has beeb making 0 tds water ever since. The new unit comes with a manual flush kit so your filters/membrane will last longer, it comes w dual tds meter, coming with the float switch and all accessories needed was a plus

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Basically its down to the spectra refurb. Ill be adding in a tds meter or the 5 stage plus. Going to order this weekend more input is appreciated. Thanks to those who replied already!

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Basically its down to the spectra refurb. Ill be adding in a tds meter or the 5 stage plus. Going to order this weekend more input is appreciated. Thanks to those who replied already!


Im not sure you need another stage unless your water is really that bad. Do you have a portable tds meter to test your source water?


Also the refurb uses 1 micron prefilters vs .5 on the cspdi, higher waste water ratio( not a big deal imo), you would add the tds meter, manual flush kit( a must to keep tds down & longer life on filters, lower end di cartridge, aso with float, inline shut off valve( may not need depending on install and set up. The refurb does save you $120 so take a look @ what you might add and look @ the cost difference to see if its worth it

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