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Sixline Wrasse Problem


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I have a 25 gallon Reef tank that I upgraded to from a 10 gallon. I moved everything from the old aquarium to the new one and it finished cycling and everything and all nitrite nitrate and ammonia levels are 0 ppm. I recently introduced a sixline wrasse to the system. I am noticing that it has some sort of whiteness in one of its eyes and occasionally will swim in circles and twitch. He is eating fine and roaming and searching for pods normally. But he is acting weird and also some sort of white stuff is peeling off of his fin. If anyone could help me figure out if something is wrong that would be great. Ive heard from some people that this is normal for a sixline wrasse when first getting used to a new aquarium. I don't know how true that is.

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Is this first thing in the morning? Many wrasses sleep in a mucus cocoon and sometimes this can stick to the fish. Often you will see the remnants of the cocoon floating around the tank looking like a big piece of slime.


The eye thing makes me think this may not be what's going on.



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Considering six line wrasses biologically have whiteness in their eyes, we'll need a pic.



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Yea mine will sometimes have mucous and sand stuck to him in the morning from sleeping. But like said above pics help if possible

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