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innovative marine nuvo 16


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I have been in the salt water aquarium hobby for over 9 years and wanted to do a smaller tank. I started out with a 29 gal. with no sump and after 5 years upgraded to a 120 gal with a 75 gal sump along with the 29 gal attached to the sump! So for the new tank, I wanted to keep it simple and went with the nuvo 16.

I didn't think the stock pump for the return had enough flow for me, so I took the "Y" off the return and hooked up the stock pump to the left side and added a maxi-jet 900 to the right side. Now I have much better flow. In a few weeks or so I also want to add the spin stream nozzles.

I have added 20 lbs of Hawaiian black arag- alive, 15 lbs of reef saver rock, and 1 kessil a 350w.



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Thanks, I think the black will really make the corals stand out! I plan on putting a small orange plate coral, red brain, hammer coral, and neon favia frag once the tank is stable.

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I took that brain and bleeding apple from my husbands tank! I just got this orange scoly today. Really pops in the tank!



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