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Plumbing PVC size?


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For a 100 gallon tank and 40 gallon sump. I am running the Sicce Syncra 4 pump, rated around 950GPH.

Question: How big should I make the PVC piping?

My Drain Bulkhead is 1.5 inches
My Return Bulkhead is 3/4

Should I go with 1.5 inch PVC all around? also, if I T off my return pipe for a manifold, how wide should the T'd off PVC be? Same 1.5 inches? Or should they be smaller? (for more pressure? i have no clue how pressure/plumbing works)


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The 1 1/2" drain is suitable for that return pump. So leave the drain line at 1 1/2".


I believe that pump has a 3/4" output; plus the bulkhead is 3/4". So I'd leave the return line at 3/4".


You mentioned a manifold. Is this for multiple return nozzles, or are you planning on running a reactor with your return? Remember, the return flow determines flow through your sump; normally you have to have additional flow in your display tank (from powerheads or a closed loop).

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No. However, smaller drain pipes are sometimes louder.


I see no advantage going from a 3/4" output on your return pump, to 1" pipe, back down to 3/4" fittings for your bulkhead and reactors.

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thank you!!


last noob question:


I have a few Sch 80 PVC laying around.. All my local Home Depot / Lowes sell Sch 40 parts, (gate valve, ball valve, Ts, etc).


Can I use Sch 80 pipes with Sch 40 valves and such?


I guess I could find out at the store, but I don't want to bring a 10ft pipe into Lowes :P

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Yes, you can mix match schedule 80 and 40 fittings/valves/unions... Schedule 80 is just thicker (but the outside diameter is the same), grey, and rated for higher pressures. Some people use it because it doesn't visually stand out as much as white schedule 40 PVC, but either are fine to use.

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I used 3/4" return & 1" drain also on my 125gal FW Tank (with the option to do away w/ the canister filter if i ever choose to) & just plumb the other return pipe thats is capped off into the valve




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thank you!


My tank only has 1 return and 1 drain hole.


I will leave the drain 1.5 inches

The return will be 3/4


The T and manifolds are for my GFO / Carbon reactors. I may leave 2 more openings for future use. But they will not be for return.

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