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Torch lopsided... One happy head one not


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Hey everyone! I mixed the reef crystal matched salinity and temp and changed the water... Everything in the tank looks fine... It's been a few hours I went to lab and when I came home one head of my torch looks really unhappy... It's been this way for a few hours... Defiantly not blaming the water as everything else is perfect but is there anything I should do or just let it do it's thing?


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Torch still looks the same today... is there anything I should worry about? It sill comes out a little bit but nothing like the other head!

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When it is closed up, does it look like it might be splitting. I know when mine starts the split, the head that is splitting will not full extend for a couple days. Also, euphyllia in general can just be picky sometimes. I have heard a lot of people talk about their torch/hammer/frogspawn not fully opening for a couple days for no apparent reason. They also tend to close up when they are pooping, as weird as that sounds. But that is usually not for more then 1 day.

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So the torch still never fully extends and some of the arms seem to be turning white... Is it bleaching out? I'm confused because the other head still seems to be fine!





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Any change to your lighting? It doesn't look too bad but if it continues to lose color it may be light related.


Any chance a piece if salt creep or unmixed salt fell on the head?

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it seems odd to me that one head would bleach out while the other is fine. Its not like they're separated by a large distance.

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I havent changed the lighting and I have no idea if salt got on it, I mean its a possibility but I didnt see it happen if it did. As for separation, they are maybe an inch apart at most, so still just confused. If they are turning white would that be too much light? The head thats doing better is actually just a little higher in the tank, but still its just a 6w T5 its under, nothing crazy.

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i have the same torch and it is placed at the highest point in my tank; about 3 inches from the water surface. Never had a light related problem with it. Tough to tell what's going on with yours, i hope that in time it recovers.

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One thing missing here is a complete rundown off all the latest parameters.






would be the most important here.


Corals are living so their behavior is not always consistent given the same conditions. This could be an early indication of a tank issue showing up because, for some unknown reason, this head was not as healthy as the other to begin with.

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I checked everything this morning:

Amm: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrates: they where high on sunday at around 80-10, have been doing 50% changes this morning there where 40


Ca: 440

pH: 8.0-8.1

Salinty: 1.025

temp 78


Everything else seems fine in the tank... zoas, Candy cane...and shrooms.... oh and nephea....

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I might suspect they rapid drop in nitrates, given no other obvious issue. Corals do not like rapid change, even for the better. Are you certain your nitrates were that high? How did they get that high?

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Builder Anthony

Sounds like you mixed your water nd didnt let it sit or mix for 24 hours.crystals could have fallen on it that were naked to the eye burning it

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The water was mixed overnight with a powerhead and heater... Not saying it didnt happen but seems unlikely. The nitrates got so high because I was doing to small of water changes and probably feeding to much too. I have I increased the water changes and decreased the feeding....

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