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New Hex Pico 2 Gallon :D


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I have a new pico tank, its a 2 gallon Hex.

I'm thinking what I should stock it with?

I have a Coralife 20 watt 50/50 bulb over it.

I'm thinking Hammers, torchs, and frogspawn? But could I have anything fishy?

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the blanket answer is no but isnt pico reefing about breaking rules anyway


that doesnt mean go for it, it means how exceptional do you plan to run the reef


there are some trimma goby species and clown gobies that might work but its more acceptable when enough research is done that the keeper develops a plan to do something exceptional vs typical when breaking rules. I think it could be done and opinions range on whats exceptional, so get to impressin us or just stick with corals and shrimp like we do :)




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yep its been done, heavy on water changes when he gets big remove him. start small juvi, its been done. takes work though to feed him in such a small space typically those are 5 g tanks.

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I wouldn't keep a mantis in a 2g hex. The small footprint of a hex makes it even less suitable, even for a baby mantis. These guys are active critters and can truly be appreciated when given proper room to roam. Once a rock is in there... there would be literally no where to move.


I would do sexy Shrimp, Peterson shrimp, Porcelain anemone crabs and critters like that.

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Could I keep a mantis in my 20 gallon reef?


No, I would not put a mantis with a mandarin. They should only be mixed with fast moving fish like damsels and they may even eat them. It would also probably eat your clam.

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Couldn't I keep a 1 inch mantis in a two gallon?


They grow rapidly and the very very tiny species that stay small are pretty much never offered for sale and are generally very reclusive anyways.

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