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this is what happened after diffusing my LEDs


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Those lateral coralites growth is new.

Three weeks ago, when I diffused the splashguard, those were about 2 centimeters shorter.


Im not saying I like it, they are asymetrical and out of proportion. Just showing what can happen under diffused LEDs. Its a blue cali tort, known for fast growth, I note no other similar type growth spurts from any other coral; its there just not as much or as noticeable.

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How did you diffuse them?

I'd like to know this too. I have the 80 deg optics and this doesn't really diffuse them all that much. I'd like to do something to reduce the amount of shimmer I get from my lights.

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I just took 600 grit sand paper to the clear acrylic heat splash shield, buffed both sides until it was uniform white.


One can buy diffusion sheets at Home Depot or TapPlastics.

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I went with a diffusion sheet from Home Depot as per Farkwar's recommendation in my thread. I'm getting less shadowing, virtually 0 disco, and the color in the shimmer looks more natural now instead of a rainbow. I know it does reduce par because I had to increase the output. But I am adding T5's at some point so I don't mind.




Cutting them to size was a bitch tho! They crack very easily.

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