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Setting up IM NUVO SR-80 Saltwater Aquarium - Any suggestion?


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Aquarium and Equipment


Aquarium: Innovative Marine NUVO SR-80 (48X24X16 12mm glass)

Stand: Innovative Marine Stand


Flow Pump: 2X Innovative Marine 476 GPH Pumps

Circulation Pump: 1X Vortech MP40W ES


LED Lights: 2X Kessil A350W

Light Hanger: 2X Kessil A Series Gooseneck Clamp

Light Controller: (Manual for now, save on budget if not mandatory.)

(Maybe I should add a Apex Controller for these pieces.)


Heater: 2X Jager Thermostat Heater 150W


Skimmer: Looking for suggestion

Reactor: Looking for suggestion

ATO: Looking for suggestion


RODI: AquaticLife RO Buddie 3-Stage Reverse Osmosis System with Mixed Bed Resin DI Cartridge


Chiller: Do not need I guess?

UV Light: Do not need I guess?


​Other Equipment Missing? A nano nuclear power generator to be added. :)



Hi guys,


Above is my setup so far. Plan to start the cycling process in about 2 to 3 weeks.


"You get what you pay for". To me, this is true from pure equipment cost perspective, but may not be true from the perspective of fish and coral's experience, a.k.a. real user experience.


Just trying to find solutions that optimize the performance/budget wisely. It is hard to over pay for overkill equipment, because $$$ is always an issue :)

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Sorry to keep running all over your threads. I'm super excited for your build and want you to avoid heartache we have all gone through.


Circulation Pump: Looking for suggestion.

(Vortech MP10 does not work for 12mm glass. MP40 is so expensive)

Take a look at the Jebao WP20/25's if you don't want to spend the change on the MP40


Light Controller: (Manual for now, save on budget if not mandatory.) - You'll be fine without a controller, the coloration on the 350's is amazing, just make sure you budget for a timer.


Heater: 2X Jager Thermostat Heater 150W - Pretty good, I would suggest Cobalt Neotherm if you can


Skimmer: Looking for suggestion - Cadlights skimmers are nice but the white can throw the clean look off, I'll let someone else chime in who has an SR-80 since there are pretty good skimmers out there.

Reactor: Looking for suggestion - Use the Innovative Marine Reactors - They are perfect in every way for our setups.

ATO: Looking for suggestion - Tunze 3155 would be great, Innovative's Top Off is a great setup for the price too - there's one of sell from another SR-80 person on the forum


RODI: Tap water + prime. OK? - Nope, this is seriously the most important piece for everything you have been looking at in your tank. Avoid heartache and just stay away from tap water. Even if you budget $100 and get one of the Air Water Ice RO Filters


Chiller: Do not need I guess? - Won't Need

UV Light: Do not need I guess? - Won't Need most likely unless you run into ich issues


​Other Equipment Missing? A nano nuclear power generator to be added.

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Thanks Ahanix,


I totally agree about the RO system. I just found this piece can not be compromised.




I just ordered this one. $100 everything included, RO/DI..... I like the price, the compact design, simple and easy. Although the performance may not be as good as $200, $300 models, as long as it works, I am happy. Will see.




Also, I need this to improve the drinking water too. (With DI bottle/cartridge removed.)


Reactor: Yes, I will take that IM one. Good price and performance.


Doing research about the rest pieces.

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Welcome to the Innovative Family, I've got the Fusion 30L myself.


I'd recommend investing in a controller such as a ReefKeeper, this will combine the costs of a controller for a heater, ATO, and even timers for lighting.

Plus it'll give you more controllability of the rear of your setup and down the road you can always pick up the module and cable to add automatic dimming to the A350's.


As for the rest of your equipment, I'm using the IM skimmer and it is running perfectly. As for a chiller that depends on your ambient tempature, if you keep the room cool then no you won't need one but if you keep it warmer(80+) then yes you will.


Ahanix hit the nail on the head. Cobalt is the best but jäger is still top quality, the IM minimax reactors really are the go to reactor, the MP40 is the best power head but if budget is a concern maybe look into the others.

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