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fish recomendation


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Im looling for fish suggestions for a 20L mixted reef with a 10 gallon sump/fuge, I uad read about cherub angels being a good choice, the only other fish are gonna be a clownfish and long nose hawk fish

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I have a potters angelfish, by far my favorite fish and are least likely to nip on corals compared to other pygmy angels.

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My go to's for any tank, size permitting, are royal grammas, springer's damsels, and assessor basletts. They're all easy to care for, social fish, that get along with most any other fish.

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How much did that send you back? Plus how big do they get

Potters average around $40-$50, sometimes $35 to $99 (Cheap and overpriced/high quality)

They get up to 10cm or 4in, I've heard of larger, but average (Namely in a 20L) would be 3.5-4in

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