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New Here, New Nano, 28g SPS/Zoa build w/ LED


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New here and figured now that I have a tank that fits the size requirement i should post! This Will be my first time using LED. For a long time now I've believed that halides are the best way to grow sps. Due to a move and a new tank, and with the release of the Radion G3 I've decided to give LED's a go. My inspiration for this tank is Taphil's nanocube Over the past few months I have been gathering equipment and putting it all together and finally its wet! I decided to try my hand at carpentry and built my own stand. Im not so happy with how the door came out so that will change.
the only problem I'm having so far is my overflow. Ive never had a small drilled one before, it works well but its loud. I used a T with a female adapter and capped it, drilled a hole in the top like a durso. Its really gurgly. Not sure how I'm going to get around it. I put it together with the mindset of SPS/Zoa's only. Only planning on 6 or 7 types of each...We'll see where that goes... Anyways here it is all filled up. She's been cycled for a week now. I had a custom adjustable mount made for the radion. Going though a bit of an algae bloom ATM. All cycled up


Planned Fish List

- 10 Apogon Parvulus

- Pair of Ruby Dragonets





Equipment list:


- 28g DeepBlue Rimless (20x20x16)
- Eshopps sump
- 100w Titanium Heater
- Mag 7 Return
- Bubble Magus Nac 3
- Next Reef MR1 shorties x 2
- Tunze nano ozmolator
- Bubble Magus Triple doser with Vertex Dosing Containers
- Vortech MP10
- Sea-Swirl
- Radion G3


The Goods



More updates to come. Critisism appreciated.

Thanks for looking


- Tom

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Thanks! I tried to leave it as open as possible, I like negative space. I also wanted to give the cardinals alot of swimming space and room to shoal up. The dimensions are 18x12x16. Finding something less then 19" was quite the challenge! Im happy to have found it and didn't have to go custom.

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Thanks! I should have a tester or two in sometime next week. Trying to take my time with this tank and not flood it. Progress will be slow off the bat.

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That's the way you do it :) it's a great start . Be careful with the radion I have a gen one running at 85 percent and it has plenty of punch for my 30 inch deep tank .

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Thank You,

I To was nervous about the intensity. I have it maxing out at 55% right now. Ive decided I have a diatom problem at the moment. Have done 2 big water changes but my nitrates are still @ 25ppm. PO4 @ .04. Trying to siphon them out. They need to just go away lol. I have My light off atm to try and subdue them till they go away.

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