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Switching pump in Biocube 14


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So after 5 months of the annoying noise of the stock biocube pump I finally sucked it up and bought a Maxi-Jet 900. After installing it in the tank I noticed a dramatic increase in flow and it seemed to piss off my frogspawn and hammer. I switched back to the stock pump and they seem happy again but I can't take the noise anymore. If I decide to go back to the MJ 900 should I take out my Koralia 240? Would that help? Also, I can't seem to get the MJ 900 into chamber 3 without it just hanging there which sometimes causes some significant vibration noise.

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Get a longer hose, 1/2" ID vinyl


If you can't move the coral and if they really are pissed off put a hydor rotating deflector on the output nozzle or a innovative marine spin stream

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Steve, by changing the stock pump out for the MJ900 and putting on the hydor rotating deflector, where should I place the Koralia 240? Or should I get rid of it all together?

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