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12g cÜber Reef


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It all started four years ago with a Biocube 14.
Soon after I went "big" (75g) then downsized to a 34g Solana before I got out last year.
My wet thumb couldn't help it so here I am, back at the beginning with this 12g LED nanocube.

My AquaticLog


FTS 4.14.14 by BOMBreef, on Flickr

[sPECS as of December 2014]


  • 12G JBJ LED Nanocube


  • 5 RB, 3 CW Cree LED's upgraded Meanwell LPHC18-350 driver (7 Hours)
  • DIY RB LED Moonlight Strip


  • DA Reefkeeper Lite
  • 150w Cobalt aquatics Neo-therm heater
  • Hydor Koralia Nano
  • Stock pump
  • JBJ modular surface skimmer


  • InTank Mediabasket
  • Filter floss
  • Boyd Chemi-pure Elite
  • Purigen


  • Water changes: 2.5g/week Red Sea Coral Pro
  • Evap: RO/DI manually
  • Supplements: Reef fusion Alk & Calcium
  • Cleaning: Change filter floss ~3 days, vacuum back chambers weekly, clean pumps/heater every 2 months. Replace Chemi-pure/ Purigen every 3 months.
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Just some stuff I've picked up from local reefers and at the Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX) last week.


Fruit loops are my favorite!





So far the Z's and P's I've got are: Sunny D's, fruit loops, Everlasting Gobbstoppers, BBEB, Candy Apple Reds, Red BamBams, Rastas, Utter Chaos, Magicians, Purple Deaths, and some Hawaiian zoas.

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Haha I like all of them. Anything with vivid colors....I just want them all. Z's & P's are definitely going to dominate this tank.

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  • 8 months later...

I'm back! I've decided to jump back on NR since my local forum (SoCalireefs) has pretty much just turned into a huge yard sale. It's been a while and my tank has changed quite a bit but I'll update it all in the next day or so.

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Went to the California Science Center yesterday with my girl. What an absolutely fascinating place! Figured I'd share these two pictures since I'm waiting for my lights to turn on. Also here's the link to my aquaticlog I set up HERE .



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Picked up a frag of Vivid pink boobies today. A frag of a colony I owned 2+ years ago in my 34g Solana. So nice being able to get a piece back and chat it up with a fellow reefer. I also fragged my mummy eye colony which I plan to sell a couple pieces and keep one to grow out again.



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Those loops are off the chain! Nice!

Thanks! I've probably got 150 polyps of them now, but they're dealing with a little nuisance algae growth and it's pissing them off lol I'll shoot an updated picture next week.


So I may or may not have fed my Chalk bass too much and he just threw up...I feel like a horrible person.

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Damn, I hope they come out for you... I think those are the most colorful, natural looking loops I had ever seen. Totally jelly. Handle that algae!

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