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Just another 40B project


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As I'm tired of annoying the people of facebook with my bombardment of tank photos, I've decided to come back to the place where others understand the obsession. During the next week I will be moving my 46 bowfront stock to a 40 breeder due to sketchy seals. I'm also tired of the narrowness of my bowfront and have always been a fan of all your 40B reef setups so PLEASE, critique me because this is my first attempt with this wonderous, wide tank :)

So far got my background krylon'd on and getting my overflow hooked up. Scored the tank during my store's Dollar a Gallon sale (on top of employee discount, muahaha) and decided it was time for a new begining!


Stay along for the ride, many more pictures to come!








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A few picture updates, buying my skimmer this friday! First time ever using a sump, gotta say there's no going back :)








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Extra updates, ahhh so empty!! D:













A few more, learning the magic of photobucket.. :P




Night mode



Trumpet :)



Closeup of my monti frag



Mr jeffery welcomes the tank!



Can't wait to get my skimmer next week! Tired of these weekly water changes -__-



Caulerpa ferm, sea grapes, chaeto, and dragons breath for the fuge! :)

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Added my Dragon's Breath, tank is still a little cloudy. That damn goby keeps picking up my sand :P love him though! Also, I picked up an ATI Blue Plus bulb for my fixture and swapped out one of my 10000k's. Think it looks better with less white. Send me some feedback on what I should do next! This project and my patience is killing me ;)




p.s. also added purigen in the overflow, think that'll help some with my still pissed off pulsing xenia?

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Can't wait to get my skimmer next week! Tired of these weekly water changes -__-

Looks good, but a skimmer isn't a replacement for weekly water changes. Trust me. 10% water changes weekly are something your tank will thank you for.

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Alright, I'll keep those up then. I know from my research that skimmers do take a lot out of the system, I just dont want to stress out the inhabitants by being in there too much D:

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Time to wash the sock.


Get 5 more(100 microns are best) and change them every few days. Pull them out when they get like what you have and put them in the washer when you have 5 dirty ones. No soap, no bleach, just hot water with extra rinse cycles.


Turkey baster suction that detritus in the sump.

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Yeah only having two socks is getting rediculous to clean. This one is 100 micron, I'll probably pick up a few more this weekend then. I just changed this sock 2 days ago! Crazy how fast they get clogged

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looking good so far.


yeah the more socks you can get the better (BRS has them pretty cheap).. I have 5 or 6, when I had 2 I quit using them because cleaning them was a PITA, but when you have a bunch it's pretty easy.. I take one out, rinse it to get as much off/out as I can, then put them all in a bag until I'm down to my last one.. then I wash them on hot with bleach, then I wash them a second time in cold water with no bleach.. they come out looking new and don't smell like bleach..

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I figured bleach would work well, that's what reefcleaners.org's website said to do to clean the socks. Throwing them in the was is getting tedious every few days lol. Thank you!


Oh, and what's a good bulb arrangement for my quad T5 fixture? I searched the forums, but there are so many different preferences people have. I want to get away from the whiteness, even with 3x actinics, that single 10000k bulb still washes out alot of the coral's color -__- I will be eventually replacing these with all ATI bulbs, so let me know what'd work best to put out the best colors avoiding white :)

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Did you look in the "t5ho bulb info" sticky in the lighting section? Lots of setups in there. I ran aquablue special, blue plus, Fiji purple, and actinic and I loved the color and my corals did really well under that combo.

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That sounds like a super killer combo, I love the purple, seems like a great replacement for 10000k. I also hear a lot of people doing 3x actinic and a single GE6500k. Not sure how that spectrum wont look overly 'yellow'. Awesome, I'll check out that sticky. Thanks for all your help and feedback man!!

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FINALLY got my skimmer!! My employee discount plus price matching brought this bad boy down to 75 bucks >:) I also swapped out my sump lighting with a 23w 6500k CFL. Think the macros will like that better than a 10w 50/50?







Still need to calibrate it for 'dry' skimming, the manual said it'd take up to 2 days to be broken in though. Still, impressive amount of bubbles happening!! :)





Annnd this handsome devil :P

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