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7.2g Cold Water Reef Build - Holy crap! A fish?


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44 minutes ago, filefishfinatic said:

how much would it cost for just the aio w/ chiller for a 20 long? 


If you use a glass tank, you would need a bigger chiller and it will probably always fog up. This is thicker acrylic so it is insulated. I use a 1/15 hp JBJ chiller on this which was $530 dollars new. It works well for this 7g insulated tank. You might need something larger for a glass 20g.


If you get a small insulated tank you can also use ice probes instead which are cheaper. One Ice probe is $120. I would think 1 ice probe would work on a 2-3g insulated acrylic tank. Enough space to hold nem's and some small fish. You can always add more than one probe to bigger tanks.


You can sometimes find chillers used for a lot cheaper. I personally don't regret the expense of my chiller as it has been in continuous use for 6 years. That is probably longer than most people keep their expensive LED lights. 



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  • 1 month later...

Haven’t had time to clean the acrylic but all is well! The nem in the back is being silly lol I guess he wanted more food.




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  • 2 months later...

I still have two Catalina’s but one is super camera shy and hides when I get near. 

I haven’t cleaned the glass/acrylic of any of my tanks in weeks 😛 just busy. 







Angry nem!! Showing its stingers!






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Micro-Reefs Aquariums

Just unbelievale on the longevity of your Micro-Reefs Aquarium, I am blessed that you still show off the tank in all its glory.  As you know I am ready this year to support a new build of cold water aquariums to support this wonderful world we call 55 degrees of COOLNESS!

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