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7.2g Cold Water Reef Build - Holy crap! A fish?


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My bet for the baby nems would be the green beadlets. They are the only ones that would cast off small anemones like that :)

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My bet for the baby nems would be the green beadlets. They are the only ones that would cast off small anemones like that :)


Awesome! :) When the light comes on, I'll have to count and see how many I can find.

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Micro-Reefs Aquariums
On 8/14/2016 at 10:28 PM, Tamberav said:

Few new photos :)


Cuz its pink!!




If you look in the left corner you can see some tiny baby nem's. They showed up out of nowhere and were the size of a pinhead when I first saw them, they have doubled in size quickly, not sure who mama is.




These two like to hang out and give me googly eyes for food. :wub:





Red, White and Blue and I see Micro-Reefs is blue... :)

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On ‎2‎/‎5‎/‎2017 at 7:25 AM, 9darlingcalvi said:

Is the tank gone?


I still have the tank and all the nems! I just haven't been as active on here since moving. I need to get some new photos at some point. I guess the tank is 3 years old now, none of my warm water reef tanks ever last that long with moving so much.

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Wonderful to hear the tank is still up and running and doing well! I'd love to see a photo. I love cold water tanks and have always enjoyed yours :)

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Quick teaser cell pic before bed of the rock. The red and pink has been slowwwwwwwly spreading over the years. If you look closely, there are some tiny baby pink nems. Started upping me feeding last few days, never really fed enough to make them breed because I am not sure what to do if I end up with too many nems? Idk, going to see what happens.





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A fight was about to break out!! There is a moonglow nem hiding under the sand right where that big red guy is aiming. I ended up digging him up and moving him to a safer location. Looks like my strawberry nem wanted some more space. 



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On 8/25/2017 at 11:22 PM, Nano sapiens said:

Three years...awesome!  Love that thick purple/pink coralline...and everything else, too!


12 hours ago, MortalWombat said:

This is so cool!!


Thank you both! 




Not to jinx myself but trying to get this guy mailed to me. Might set me back $100 in shipping though.... :o ah well... will go for it either way.


36282416073_bbbd8a7410_c.jpgkelpy by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr

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2 hours ago, Christopher Marks said:

Good to see you back @Tamberav!


Do you have a FTS you could share? We'd all love to see how it's coming along :happy: 


Thanks, I kind of fall off the planet from time to time. I do need to take some new pics of ALL my tanks and update my threads. 

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Photos from tonight, I havn't cleaned the acrylic in months so that is why it looks a bit hazy. I planned on cleaning it but after the water change my hands were FREEZING numb so it can wait. Since I lost the chiton in the last power outage, I was very sad but the blessing has been the coraline algae is now taking over!


40327477465_73f24a78fb.jpg2018-04-04_12-17-11 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr


39414182050_bab9316381.jpg2018-04-04_12-17-26 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr


41179750612_cb6a732ee0.jpg2018-04-04_12-17-38 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr


41224337691_0f176794a5.jpg2018-04-04_12-17-46 by Tana Jahangier, on Flickr

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7 minutes ago, PoorBigBlue said:

Any updates?


Love this tank! Makes me want to try a coldwater setup at some point 😉

In suck at updates...tank is still here ..I got a red algae outbreak from over feeding beadlet babies but it seems to be dying from flucozole...slowly....then going to set up an algae scrubber to hopefully help with export. One of the nems split too from the increased food I would guess. I took a pic...need to upload 😛

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