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electrolyte enhancemend water


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I found some electrolyte enhanced water at trader joes that contains just deionized water, potassium bicarbonate, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride. I was thinking of using this to top off my 5gal reef and then testing to see what happens. I don't know anything about dosing but I looked up all three of the chemicals I mentioned and they all seem to play interconnected roles in a reef system. When I made the connection after reading the ingredients on the label I felt like I had just made a scientific breakthrough. Does anyone think this is a good idea?

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Aside from it not being smart being the guinea pig...1) You don't know 100% what else might be lurking in there such as phosphates etc...

2) You don't know the quantity of each element either. ie: Overdosing potassium

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Don't do it. You don't know what the concentration of each of those compounds is in the water, or how it'll affect your tank...


PLUS why even use this instead of distilled water or RO that you can get at the supermarket? I'm sure this "electrolyte water" is a lot more expensive than straight RO....

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