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Roman Atwood started a tank....


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Im not sure if anyone is familiar with the Youtube vlogger Roman Atwood but he recently started a 300 gallon saltwater tank. What do you guys thing?


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Not so much started a tank, as hired someone to set it up. The video was a bit like the TV show Tanked (kids, dog, wife, car, house, and not enough tank, equipment, and equipment room). The aquaculture greenhouse he visited was neat; but again, I wanted to see more about how it operated. However, the tank looks like it'll be nice. Am I jealous? Maybe a little.

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I've been watching Roman's pranks and such with Vitaly for such a long time - Funny he just started a reef tank at the same time I am now 2 weeks in!!


Doesn't look like he "hired" someone, that looks more like a friend of his perhaps. He's got a TON of money though.. think about the monitinization on his prank videos alone, now his vlogs videos, and then his entire "smile more" campaign selling merchandise. If I had the money he did ... haha!


Nonetheless, I still find it better to find someone who's so into a hobby that they have to save their pennies for weeks just to get something. It's more enjoyable that way, you really care for it more and are more thankful for it as you know how much hard work you've put into it.


Keep up your awesome tanks guys, I think I'll still to here on the NR forum for my inspiration!

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I used to watch Roman's pranks and I really enjoyed them. I considered him one of the best. Then I saw one prank that was an obvious set up and they tried to pull it off as it was real. So I lost all respect for him because now it makes me wonder, what percentage of his pranks are real.

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