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What does my crab have?


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Playing around today trying to better my camera skills and saw my big red legged crab at the front of the tank. So I grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots. After I posted them, I noticed all the little white "things" on the right side of the picture on him. After paying more attention, seems like there are a bunch of them. As you follow them to middle, they look smaller. If you zoom in on the one furthest to the right, almost looks like you can make out a claw. Babies possibly?


There are also a few green dots on the top of him which look odd.




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You can if you want, but they don't appear to be slowing him down any lol.


I thought they might have been baby crabs because I swear I see pinchers on several of them. LOL


I am going to better examine the RAW file tonight when I get home. Maybe I can zoom in more and better see. I try to fine tune my photography skills and my new pictures come out so clear that I see "stuff". Maybe I should go back to my boring blurry pics. :D

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I agree with the hydroids ID.. some are harmless some are more of a pest.. honestly though, if they're on that shell they're also other places in the tank, so killing the handfull on that shell will do nothing.. I ignore mine and they don't bother anything..

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