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Fair price for a large GSP rock?


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Selling off a large rock covered in GSP and I'm trying to figure out a fair list price. It is almost the size of a football cut in half lengthwise. The rock itself is about a 5lb piece of reef cleaners rock.


Any thoughts? GSP frags aren't worth much but you don't see big pieces like this often.




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1" x 1" square in my area goes for $15. . . That's a lot of 1x1 squares :)


I think you are dealing with a regional answer. I was told recently that $12 a duncan head was very high, although it normally runs $20 - 30 in my area.

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the rock its covering should play a role in the price as well considering good live rock goes for 8-12 bucks a pound. I got my gsp for free so i couldn't give you a price point on that... With this said, in a really large tank i think that piece would look really nice. I agree with mr. microscope, put it up for trades and see what you can get with it.

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Whoa! That's pretty sweet.


I just recently bought a 2" x 11" slab of GSP from a local guy for $20. I thought that was an insanely good deal. I imagine it would take a few frags that big to cover that rock, plus you should factor in the cost of the rock itself. I know some people aren't into GSP, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could get $80-$100 from a GSP lover.

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i personally would say around $30 20 for the rock and 10 for the gsp, most people give it away for free, since it is so large and on the rock 30 would be fair if i had that rock i would take a frag for myself and try to trade the the gsp rock for a simmilar peice of live rock with nothing on it

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Id say that piece on the side is worth 30-35. I have no clue how to price that large rock though. I agree to put it up for trade and see what you get offered. Maybe trade with a vendor, as most people with stuff worth trading probably wouldn't go for gsp, because they are snobby. ;)

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Hell, I'd buy it, that's awesome. If you feel like shipping it PM me :)


Maybe. I have it on CL locally seeing what kind of bites I get. Maybe you can send me an LED fixture for my breeder in exchange. ;)

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Honestly, GSP is harder to come by now, since the hobby has "moved on. $60 would be more than fair, if you can't get it locally get it on the internet.

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