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Hi all I've been on the site since last summer lurking in the background reading. .

Some questions

How do I update my profile?

How do I post pics?

Is there a app for this site or can I go thru taptalk ..

Thanks in advance I'm sure I'll think of more questions

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In the top right of your browser, you will see your username with an arrow pointing down. If you click that, you sill see a link to you profile. You can edit it from there.


The best way to post pictures is by using a photo hosting/sharing website such as flickr or photobucket. Once you have uploaded you pictures to the photo hosting site, you will have an option to share the photo with a direct link to it. Then, you can use that link with the "Image" button in the editing options when making a post. The "Image" button is the one that looks like a landscape photograph.


As for the app question, I don't think there is an app. As for tapatalk, that's a good question. I have never tried, but maybe someone else can answer that.

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I use my phone for everything never on a desktop or laptop. .

I use taptalk for my other dog and 4x4 forums cause its so easy to post pics from my phone galaxy s4

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How come when I try to upload a photo to the gallery it says I've run outta room when I've only added one photo before?

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