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Pilg0re's Picotope Reborn


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Hello all!


So for some back story I've had this tank previously set up but then life got in the way, with school and constant moves then finally when I graduated I moved across the country dead set on setting this up again. I finally found some room for it on my bookshelf in my office where it should be for awhile.


Some lessons I've learned from my previous set up and other tanks are:


- Go slow, overloading these small of tanks with foreign frags is asking for trouble. Adding frags one by one controls which hitchhikers go into the tank and allows for more thoughtful arrangement of corals.


- Must have a reliable and accurate ATO. This isn't a place where I'm comfortable saving money.


- This flows into this point is always make sure that the salinity is on point. It's so easy to get a swing in concentration and it can lead to more problems than not keeping other levels in check, imo.


- Lastly, keep up with scheduled maintenance. I know this is for everyone but it's twice as important on a tank this small.


PHEW, now that the intro is done lets talk about hardware:


Tank: 3 Gallon Picotope


Filter: Aquaclear 50 with inTank media basket.


Heater: 50w cobalt neo-therm (ordered 25w but they sent me the 50)


Lighting: Going with BML custom spectrum, still have to order the lights + controller


ATO: Going to try the AutoAqua Smart ATO because of the small size. Still need to order.


With all of that out of the way, lets take a look at some pics:


Day -1 Empty tank



Day 0 - Attempting different aquascapes, didn't like this one



Liked this one the most because of the overhang




Day 2 - Was given a frag of zoas, I know it's cycling but it will be the only thing in there until I really feel comfortable with having enough stability to add more



Well here it is, I look forward to giving updates as time goes on!

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There wasn't much interest but here's a video I made at 7 months!



And here's some pics from around its year anniversary!





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  • 3 weeks later...

Looking really good!


Thanks! Unfortunately I think it may come down soon to make room for my other tank but we'll see the temporary light I have over it sucks and I don't feel like buying a new light right at this second.


That pico reef has come a long way. Looks great!


Enjoyed the video. Thanks for taking the time to make it.


Thanks so much! Glad you liked it

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