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sticker shock


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Took a 2 year break from the hobby and now have my 2 gal pico going again.


Just phone to a place when we go there once a year for my doctor visits I always stop in at this store to get a little something. Well wow did I get a shock. Just a few things I asked about for prices so when we go in May I just wanted to know if they still have them on a regular basis the their prices.


Florida Rics:

Blue $31.00

Emerald $31.00

Green $18.00

Orange $37


Now 2 years ago any of these colors prices were $15.00


Yumas start at $31-52 and higher depending on color I don't remember the prices 2 years ago as I only wanted Florida


Pom Pom Crab, now this one I cannot believe. 2 years ago $9.95 now $20.95 holy crap


My gosh the price of saltwater anything here in Canada is insane, that is why I have a 2 gal pico and just love it... :D


Thank goodness their aquarium stuff is still reasonable and cheaper than any place here in town with the exception of a home base aquarium business I get some stuff from. Their Florida and Yuma Rics are all 26.95 each. But I will be getting a nice full green one for $18.00 when I go in May

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One of my LFS


Rics - $25/mouth

Yuma - $69 for anything decent

Pom Pom Crab - $19.99

Frogspawn - $24.99/head



I too have noticed/felt the rise in prices, but you've got to pay if you want to play I guess

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This is why I LOVE Craigslist or local reef clubs! You can always get stuff cheap or good trades from people in the hobby unlike stores where they bend you over for a small frag.


I got 3 large Birdsnest for $5 each and I've seen the same size in stores for $70+ and my Orange torch coral for only $30 for 3 heads, unlike the stores where it would be $80+


I love to support the LFS but my god could they price gouge any worse? Half the time I order off of Amazon for the things I need because I'm not willing to drive all the way to the LFS with high gas prices and pay a 20% or more mark up when I can order it online for WAY cheaper with FREE shipping.... Thanks to local reef clubs, craigslist, and Amazon I've saved $100's upon $100's on my tanks.

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