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Hi All,


I'm in the process of redecorating my den/aquarium room and I'm considering relocating the tank. This gives me the opportunity to start fresh, with the benefit of the lessons learned from my first salty tank. The features I'm looking for are:


  • 36 Inch wide tank (40-65 Gallons I'd guess)
  • Rectangular shape, a cube wouldn't work for the room, and scraping the glass on my bow is a PITA
  • Built-in overflow
  • Stand capable of holding a sump for a skimmer, possible fuge, etc.

I inquired at my LFS, but the owner insisted that this would require a drilling the aquarium, custom stand, etc. He told me that I'd be just as well off with a cannister filter (which I have, and aren't crazy about) and that small tanks really don't benefit from sumps and skimmers. I'm taking this information with a huge grain of salt of course.


After a little more research, I'm considering an Aqueon 65 Reef Ready, with some type of commercial stand (I saw a SeaPora one that would hold a good sized sump). I have three basic questions about my plan:


  1. Am I correct in thinking the LFS guy was totally out to lunch?
  2. Is the Aqueon a good tank for what I'm planning and, if so, what's a fair price to pay for one new?
  3. The reason I mentioned the SeaPora stand is that it's reasonably priced and doesn't have a centre brace, so lot's of room for a sump. Will this stand be strong enough over the long run?

Any and all opinions, advice and help are greatly appreciated.



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