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Picking equipment that will fit in my enclosure.


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So here's my dilemma, I'm looking at converting my 36 gallon fresh water to salt water and looking for tips on equipment that will fit. Its a tight fit for adding stuff. The light fixture might be able to be a little higher and I can remove the back to try and add things. I'm not looking to do anything to fancy as far as stock goes, Just basic stuff people suggest for beginner sw hobbyist. 20140127_202247_115%20Ave.jpg



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Haha neat setup, love ur collection of old school game system, I c the original nes lol


As far as ur tank, how many gallons is it? You can convert ur eheim filter to be ur media reactor, it looks like u might be able to add a ac filter as a refugium on the side, as far as lighting you can go with LEDs, fixtures are pretty compact, u might want to open up the back or something to vent,


Keep us posted!

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It's a 36 gallon. The back part has a bunch of holes and few open spots for cooling when it was a TV. There's also the speaker holes which allow air flow. Or I could attach fans there. I was thinking maybe making a tall skinny tank as a sump to goes beside the tank were my filter is, since I'm assuming that it's not really needed for sw

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i would go simple, ditch the canister, get a medias reactor they are cheap, you can fit that in the side, possibly get two one for carbon and one for gfo, , run the heater in the tank, you will need powerheads no sure which you have but you will need aroung 1200gph flow is what i would aim for, since you want to keep the enclosure which is very cool btw stay without a skimmer because it will never fit, keep up with water changes, you can add some nice display macros to help with nitrates as well, nice and simple, i run all my tanks skimmerless and i beleive it works very well i have beautiful mixed reefs with nems clams lps sos and tons of softies, despite what everyone says protien skimmer are not neccessary they just aid in filtration, but water changes will essential do the same thing.

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I'm thinking I use one 8 gallon as a sump with a skimmer, and maybe the other 8 as a refugium, that as brings my total water up to 52 . what's the best way to tie all there tanks together. Drilling holes, pumps?

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