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Monti Cap, War Coral and Red Planet turning white...


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My, once green, Monti cap is completely white now but still has full polyp extension and the polyps themselves are green. I noticed the red on my war coral turning white as well and the base of a ORA Red Planet. The red planet still has polyp extension too. Earlier in the week I lost my Gold Maxima. I saw the lips were slightly receded before I left for work, I figured something had touched it. The next morning it was an empty shell and my tank was a cloud!


The only thing in my params that seems out of whack is my Mag is off the charts. The color never changed on my Salifert test kit, so over 1500ppm. I usually hangs around the 1350-1400 range. I recently started adding buffer to my top off water, maybe I miscounted and added to much last time? Could this have caused the mag increase?


Calcium 500

Alkalinity 10.9

Magnesium 1500+

Nitrate 5-10 ppm



Lighting AI Nano.

5" above the waters surface over a 12" deep tank. Most corals are towards the bottom.

55% whites

80% both blues



I'll try to get some pictures later today when the lights are up.

Also the monti is growing like crazy right now, just white. I started with a real small piece from my other tank so at first I thought it was growth but there is now no color to the body whatsoever.

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I know how you feel, I burnt the hell outta my sps when I switched to LED. Just turn em down, start low, and go slow! It took me about a 2 months to figure out the sweet spot for my LED's. Still, I only have whites at 35%-40% and blues at 75%, no need to go higher, I get good growth, color, and polyp extention. I would say, turn the whites way down! You also might wanna think about moving your corals down lower in the tank? It takes a while for them to adjust......with time, they should color back up

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Thanks you guys. I'll turn them down today. Even my torch is looking opaque and that's way off to the side and low.


I've been having problems with the AI also. randomly turns off on me like its over heating but the fan works so I don't know what the deal is.

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