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Hito's 29l upgrade. New beginnings.


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My 10g really took off and life got busy. Realizing I had to many tanks and not enough time I made a choice. I tore down my long standing planted jungle 29l. I also gave away a few corals and really lightened my load. I have the sump ready to just waiting on the pump. So for now it is a work in progress. Here goes.


Drawing from the TOTM and my previous planted aquascaping I decided I wanted a simple clean look. A clean glass box of happiness. I think its a good start.

I'm only going to keep softies and stocking minimally.




29l rebuilt and rimless.

3 marineland hidden LEDs. (I know I need more. I'll diy one soon.)

MJ 400 for circ.

AC 50 for media.




Ywg/Pistol pair





A good colony of multicolored ZOA's


A couple red mushrooms

A couple other ZOA frags.


Upcoming additions


10g sump and a 10g display fuge.

More light and rock work to come.


Any suggestions or ideas?

Thanks in advance.




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