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Chem heads! An update!


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Ok, so my chemical calamity continues (huge shipment of chemicals arrives tomorrow from BRS).


BUT I have a new piece of information which may help diagnose the problem. When adding a TINY bit, about 3 ml in 75g+, of Part B (alkalinity) to kill some pesky Xenia I started to get a LOT more precipitate. Part B is usually primarily sodium carbonate or bicarbonate and the precipitates are usually MgCO3 and/or CaCO3 right? Usually because of too high of a concentration particularly when combined with a high pH. So bringing pH down slightly should help cure the problem. So dose a very small amount of vinegar and watch for change in pH?


Does my reasoning sound solid?

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I wouldn't use vinegar to drop your pH. If you want to drop your pH artificially, you should be using CO2 - mainly by dosing carbonated water (regular store-brand seltzer). Dosing vinegar you will get a bacterial bloom because it is a carbon source that bacteria will feast on.


To kill xenia, aiptasia, or really any pest don't use Part B - use Kalk paste. Since it is balanced, you won't have any precipitates at all.

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I'd try kalk as well, and would try to keep alkalinity and calcium within recommended ranges. If you are getting precipitation while adding alkalinity, check your magnesium level (to make sure that it's not low).


If you can remove the rock, you might try treating the Xenia with peroxide.

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