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The round thing in the middle of the photo is Herman the Hermit crab. Well, good ole Herman looks like he needs a haircut because all that green stringy stuff growing on his shell looks to be algae.


If this is the case, should I trim it off or just leave it alone. Other than a minor diatom bloom, there is no visible algae at all in my tank except for Herman.


I'm concerned that it may spread from him to the whole tank.


I need suggestions how to proceed. aviator300




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I once had a hermit crab that had bubble algae on it. It might sound mean, but right before lights out, I zip tied the crab to a rock, :o and put a suitably sized replacement shell right by the opening in its shell. The next morning the crab was zipping around the tank in its new (algae free) shell. :)

Otherwise you could use tweezers to pick off the algae and then take a toothbrush and brush off his shell (in a small container of tank water). Rinse Herman in some clean tank water, put some hydrogen peroxide on a paper towel and wipe off his shell with it, another quick rinse in tank water and Herman should be algae free.

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