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7g Nano Cube Build


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12"x12"x12" Glass Tank

~8 lbs of live rock

Black live sand

Marineland Penguin 100

Hydor Nano 240


ph 8.1

Temp 76.8F

Salinity 1.025


Cycle started Feb 9, 2014

Added 3 hermits (2 small red legged, 1 medium blue legged) and 2 Astrea snails about 3 weeks in

Added 2 SPS coral frags (Psammacora and Button Polyp) a week after


Right now I'm have a Wave Point 6w mixed LED fixture which I know is way under powered for the SPS, but should be getting the Fluval Nano LED (14w) this Friday which I hope to be sufficient for the two corals I have.


Thoughts, comments, recommendations?

Here are close ups of the two corals.






I'm a little concerned with the splotches on the Psammacora, but am hoping that was just me being clumsy (bumping it) when I was bringing it home and putting it in the new tank. They've only been in the tank for a few days but look to be doing decent (especially given they are probably underlit).

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Nice tank. I might be tempted to use a 24W PAR38 for a cube tank (but I don't know anything about the Fluval Nano LED).

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Tank looks fine, but I would slow down if you only have that thing up and running for a couple weeks now. Looks that way from how you worded things in 1st post. Also if you are on your 2nd light and now ordering a 3rd in a short time, slow down. Take some time and read up on what you want and then find out the needs of what you want to keep Before you make a purchase or several.


Great sayings for carpenters that can apply here "Measure twice, cut once".

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Switched over to a 13.5 AIO from Micro-Reefs which is pretty sweet, but unfortunately doesn't fit my old spot on my shelf because of the media basket. I'm still deciding what I'll do with this guy after I get my 50g build up and running, but given that the tank is a 3 weeks out and I'm not ordering the stand until I get the tank this will likely be my setup for the next few months.

New additions:

* Yellow Watchman Goby

* Pistol Shrimp
* Idaho Grape Monti
* Hammer Coral
* Red Monti Cap

On the way (in the mail as of tomorrow)...my new Nano Box Reef Mini Tide! Sooo excited for this as I hope that it really helps amp up the growth on my corals.



Besides that I'm trying to pick off a few small Aiptasia before it turns into an outbreak so I'll probably add a Peppermint Shrimp in the next couple days to hopefully help out as Aiptasia-X is helping, but some of them are in my Armor of God palys and hard to get to.

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