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Red Sea colors program


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I recently purchase the coral colors kit from Red Sea, I am confused on the dosage I need to add to the tank. I saw a video on ther web page and it states 1 ml per 10 ml of foundation in. I am not using there 2 part system, I am using bulk reef supply 2 part adatives the manaul states to supplement 1 ml for every 20 ppm of calcuim (25gal). My tank is a 55 gal and I'm dosing 30 ml of the calcuim 2 part per day to keep my calcuim steady. My calcuim demand daily is about 5ppm can someone clarify the dosage I need. If I use the instructions on the manual I think I would be dosing 1/2 ml per day if I use instruction on web site I'll be using 3 ml per day. I called bulk reef supply where I bought the items they were no help at all, called Red Sea & not much help there neither.

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So I'm taking a guess here since I'm not familiar with the product. However, I assume that this is a solution of trace elements (iodine, potassium, and iron); and they are making assumptions based on the consumption rate of calcium to determine dosing levels of elements that you are not testing for.


I would trust the manual over the video. Also, I would error on using the lesser of the two amounts. There is a risk whenever dosing elements that we are not testing for, so I personally wouldn't recommend it. However, if I were to do it, I'd cut the lessor amount in half (dosing 1/2 ml every other day).

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