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Should I add some T5's?


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Well these seems to be the place to talk LED / T5 hybrids :)


So at the moment I’ve got -

Luxeon ES

20 Royal Blue

10 Neutral White

4 Deep Red

4 Cool Blue

4 Cyan


Running on 4 series


My tank is 4ft x 2ft x 18”


A friend of mine Is getting a stainless steel light holder built and will have enough rooms to get some T5s in there, my question is, should I? Would I see much benefit? My tank is a complet mix, too many zoas to count and a number of SPS. The SPS is doing well, not the greatest colour and growth but not bad for a system that isn’t dosed.


What do people think?

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I have a tank similar to yours - I used 12x 5K Rebel ES, 30x royal blue Rebel ES, 6x blue Rebel, 6x deep red Rebel, 6x cyan rebel, and 12x violet (mix of Steve's old style and LEDgroupbuy HV). My tank is 48"x24"x16" LWH, so 2" shorter than yours. I ran mine at around 10" above the water's surface, and with all the LEDs at 100% (NW/RB at 1A, the rest at 700mA), I didn't get a whole lot of PAR in the tank, around 250 at the water's surface. I lowered them to 8" above the tank and got that up to ~300ish and corals were receiving in the 110-200 range depending on height. Spread was fairly even. Color was fantastic, though reds did show up even better when I switched from 5K 80CRI Rebel ES to 4K 80CRI Bridgelux BXRA.



I have a very different setup now for the LEDs (check out my threads in my sig), and I now have two Coral Plus bulbs to give distributed light. Can't really say much about any better color because I've never experienced a color shift after adding them.

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thanks for replies.


my setup was above a 4ft x 15" x 15". Ive recently upgraded to the bigger tank. Its running at the same as you 1000ma for whites and blues the rest are 700.


I suppose based on your old build you had slightly more LEDs, would adding a couple of T5 get me better results without needing to add more LEDs?


its a braceless tank so hopefully running about 6-8" above the water should get good results.


Ive got 6x t5s above my new tank while i mod my LEDs but the colour just looks flat to me, want my LEDs back :)

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With the two 36" Coral Plus bulbs around 10" from the top of the tank, I get about 40-75 PAR evenly across the sandbed. T5 are not the best way to add punch to an LED system, as LEDs are much better at that than T5. T5 is for getting into areas shaded by LEDs and for 'light fill'.

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