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Auromatic Inline Feeder


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In my journey of automating my build, I'm running into a problem with my automatic fish feeder. My tank has a full lid to keep fish from jumping and reduce evaporation and I don't really want a lot of equipment on or near the display tank to ruin the view. So I moved the feeder down to the sump and had it feed into the refugium. Some of it would sink in the refugium and become food for the microorganisms and algae while the rest would float through the overflow and into the return pump chamber where it would shoot the food into the display tank. The issue is not all the food goes into the pump. Some of it settles on the floor around the pump and as well all know what left over food does, it proceeds to start growing things that I don't really want in my water.


I have the Eheim Automatic fish feeder.


So does anyone out there know of an automatic inline feeder I can get or know how to modify my process to reduce left over food build up?

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Zip tie a funnel to the pump hovering above the inlet, let the auto feeder dump in so the tunnel guides it right to the pump intake. Don't have the funnel touch the inlet so it doesn't impact flow

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here's an idea. put the feeder in the return chamber with a funnel to direct the food o the intake of the return pump.

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