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i need a glass top/lid for a jbj 24g (HELP)


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You could try buying some acrylic/lexan from ebay/plastics retailer, alternatively, you could go to a scrap yard or something, and possibly find a piece big enough to cover it for cheap

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Looks like most have been discontinued and people have been having them cut by a glass shop or doing an acrylic/egg crate lid.

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I needed a glass top for my SpecV. Luckily my mother did stained glass for years so I just had to supply the glass and got it cut to size to just lay on top of my tank. Try a stained glass store in your area and see if they can cut one to the size you wish for. I had my cut larger to overlap 2 sides of my tank.. Nothing else holding it into place. Seems to do the job for me. Glass doesn't warp to much... Acrylic might warp on you.

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Bulk reef supply diy mesh kit. Very easy. Just watch the video. You'll need a hacksaw but thats only like $6.00 at Lowes or HomeDepot.

( or any local hardware store )

should fit your aquarium perfectly if cut right. Plus it blocks less light and will keep your fish in.

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