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48inches of glass and 3.3 gallons of water


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The title says it. I dont know what to do with it but the dimensions are 48x4x4 and comes out to 3.3gallons before filters


And I dont know why the pictures are upside down

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FL Rics and Sexy shrimp? Species only tank. Or if you have a big enough ledge put some floating candles in it and woo your significant other or mom?

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If it had a sump, you could probably make something that would work. I imagine this to be an expensive endeavor. A cool one, but probably expensive to make it work properly.

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You'd have to drill one end for a overflow and drill the other end for a return, most expensive part will be finding 48" worth of light.


IMO not worth it in the end, if it was 48x8x4 then it could be fun.

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