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Yikesjason's First Saltwater Tank - Now a Nuvo 30L Fusion


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**Update** The Nuvo 24 split a seam and has been replaced with a Nuvo Fusion 30L.


I have been a freshwater planted tank guy for the last 6 years or so. I have thought about doing saltwater a few times. A few years ago I signed up for all of the reef forums and was thinking about setting up a Mr. Aqua 12 long reef. But I backed out before I really got going. This time I am committed with several $100's invested so far. Don't tell the wife, but it is rolling into the 4 digits already, but I have bought some extra equipment already that I need to sell.

First I was lined up to buy a Nuvo 16 from someone from another forum, but he backed out of the deal. I thought it was good to go, so I bought three of the Nuvo 8w Skky LEDs. (that is some of the extra equipment I need to sell) Then I got in on the Nuvo 24 from a guy who is getting out of the hobby for a while. I am very excited about this deal and am going to pick up the tank this next week.

Here is my equipment list.











IM Nuvo 24 gallon aquarium
Maxspect Razor 27" 160w LED lights
2 x IM media reactor (plan to sell 1 and run GFO in the other)
IM skimmer (plan to sell and eventually get a Tunze 9002 is InTank cup)
Koralia (I have a 750 or a 425 on hand to choose from)
Tunze 3155 ATO
AquaMaxx 75 gpd RO/DI filter


Stuff to go in the tank.










35 lbs of dry rock
live sand coming with the tank
5gal bucket of Brightwell salt (traded plants for it with Vanz, thanks)


Plans for stocking the tank.















clownfish (I like them, but this is really to make sure the wife is excited about the tank)
Firefish (I really like these guys)
some nice Macro Algae (hard to shake the planted roots)
corals will probably start with softies and some LPS










I put together a mockup of the new tank today to start playing with the rock layouts. The dowels are holding up a pair of shelves that will make a nice spot for some corals.

I think I am pretty happy with this layout and will need to do so epoxy work this week.


I also made my first 20 gallons of RO/DI water today.

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If you want to be able to clean the back wall then you will need to leave space. Some people clean the back and some people don't. Either way I would leave enough room to clean it just in case you need to.

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The tank is up and running. Still a bit cloudy for these first pictures. I need to pick up some poly-fill to polish the water up a bit.




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I am so used to having mature tanks, it is not easy to have a lifeless tank that I can not add anything to yet. It is a pretty tank to look at, but it will be much better when there are little critters to watch.

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Love your scape! Pretty sweet setup you got there! I noticed the color on your Maxspect is nice and blue...I like it. Everyone else's always seems so purple, but yours doesn't! Can't wait to follow along!

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I think I might be in trouble. I have been doing well being patient so far until I went to the LFS this weekend to pick up some early members of the CUC. There were some $5 frags so I went ahead and picked up a mushroom and zoa. They are both doing well, so now I have no patience and want to get more. Danged good deals sucked me in.



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Well, that was a short lived tank. A seam split yesterday. I am trying to work with IM to do something, but it is out of warranty. I would like to pay to upgrade to the Fusion 30L, but I don't think I can justify paying full price for a tank right now. I am already in pretty deep on this set up and just had to pay to replace a canister filter on my freshwater setup. I am thinking that maybe I just need to get out.

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Innovative has been great dealing with this situation. I am going to my LFS, who has also been a huge help, to pick up one of the new Nuvo Fusion 30L aquariums. I am paying the difference for the upgrade, but I think it is worth it.


All of my critters are doing fine in their big blue tub. I have seen everything moving around in there. Things are looking up.

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Innovative has been great dealing with this situation. I am going to my LFS, who has also been a huge help, to pick up one of the new Nuvo Fusion 30L aquariums. I am paying the difference for the upgrade, but I think it is worth it.


All of my critters are doing fine in their big blue tub. I have seen everything moving around in there. Things are looking up.

Glad you got something worked out. I think you will be happy you have the 30 in the long run. I am deathly afraid of my Nuvo 16 and the bent glass.... even thought they aren's as proned to cracking...

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I think you are probably fine with the 16. They have sold a lot of those tanks and we really hear about the few that go wrong. And most of the problems are with the 24.


I don't think I would recommend anyone buying the 24, but I still think the company is great. I like their products and their customer service has been great.

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A couple quick observations about the new tank.


1. Very heavy, that thicker glass adds up.


2. A lot more depth in the display and sump. It isn't really that much more, but it is a very useful extra bit of space.


3. I miss the mini stand that the 24 has. It was a great place to tuck away my most commonly used tools. This is on a dresser, so I don't have a stand to hold everything.


4. I am not a big fan of the mesh top instead of the glass. It is too clunky. I also liked having the glass to cut down on evaporation. I am not sure if I will make a new glass top or a sleeker screen top.


5. The bracket from the media reactor doesn't fit on the thicker glass.

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Which media reactor is it?


Post a picture when you get a chance, I'm contemplating this tank and would love to see more pictures of them.

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I have the desktop IM reactor. The mid size is what they recommend for this tank. Maybe I might get lucky and find someone to trade with.

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Here are some pictures of the new tank. I picked up a few more corals on a trade. Branching hammer and my first couple of sticks.




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I had to send my Maxspect Razor in for warranty last week. I was worried about what I would do for light while it was gone. A couple locals, including the owner of Reefstar, arraigned to let me borrow one of the new Reefstar lights. It is a really nice fixture. Has a lot of control over the light with 4 color channels and 8 time points to program. The light mix I think is better than my Razor. But the aesthetics are not quite as refined. A lot of the time that wouldn't matter, but with such a sleek tank, I really like the sleek look of the razor. I with I could combined the two.

Also, to update the inside of the tank, I got my WP-10 today. It is so much smaller and less obtrusive than the Koralia750 I had in there. I also love the controllability of it. I have the wave mode going right now.

I also picked up some little clowns for the tank. It is nice having fish that actually hang out in the open instead of hiding all the time like the firefish.

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The Reefstar worked well for me while my Razor was being worked on. But it is nice to have my own light back on there.


I found some bryopsis on a recently added frag of Capitan America zoas. I did a peroxide dip and removed as much of it as I could. The zoa didn't like the experience, last night it looked a little bit better, I am hoping I don't lose it. But even if I do, better to lose a frag than have a tank full of bryopsis.

Anyone see IM's new skimmer? It looks very promising, but at $200 for the midsized, it will be a while if ever before I buy one.

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