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Help stocking my IM nuvo 24


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So we have two tank breed clowns right now that are small other then that it's just a few corals and snails and two shrimp. I'm slowly stocking more corals. But I'm not sure what other type of fish to get. Here's my current stock and my ideas.




1-mis bar prec clown tank bread size is about 1.5 in

1-black clown tank breed size is about 1.25 in






I also have a white tubstrata and a pink tubstrata along with a yellow dendro on there way.




Misc snails

3 hermits

Skunk shrimp

Fire shrimp

Fighting conch


Future ideas:


Down the road id like a mandarin or ruby red dragonet



Not sure future plans on coral yet other then a nice acan garden and maybe a frog spawn.


Let me know everyone's ideas I'm open to anything!

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Highly recommend a tail spot blenny. They are fun to watch, interesting, and comical. They love to hide in holes with their head sticking out its funny. They will also clear diatoms and eat algae. Can't say good enough things about this little guy.


Also a torch coral is a really nice coral it adds really nice movement. Here's my tank in action.

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I have the same tank. I think I maxed out my bio load with 2 clowns, about the same size as yours, a midas blenny, and a purple firefish. I also have one fire shrimp. The purple firefish is very peaceful and very beautiful. The midas has such a great personality. He's always surfing in the MP10 from one side of the tank to the other.

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I'll have to look more into the blennys I was thinking one of those or some type of goby maybe. And I do like the torch tips but then I found the frog spawns and love the shape and color of them. So we will see.


Thank you guys for the reply. Any one else have ideas? I'm going to research more this week

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