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What the heck is that thing?


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Hi folks. Need some help identifying two things that have popped up since bringing home a green leather coral frag 3 weeks ago. The first object is to the lower left of the purple frag rock and is shaped like a clear plastic tube growing from under the rock and pointing up. The other object is on the right bottom of the frag rock and looks like tiny white bubbles all growing together.

Before I touch it, I thought I'd try to I,D, it first....


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Hi Gena, I just googled clear sponge and I think your right. Is it friendly or should I make plans to remove it?

I leave them be. I know some people say they can become invasive, but they are so easy to remove if that happens. They are good for filtering your water. I don't understand why people would even remove them. I should show you a picture of one of my biggest sponges, growing down from my return!


Here it is :D



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That's cool, but do you think it's the same? It doesn't look like the one in my tank

Maybe not exactly the same. But it definitely looks like a sponge. It has that round opening at the top for siphoning/filtering.


Look up clear tunicate. It could be that.

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