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raising pH - IO reef crystals and BC29


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I cant seem to get my pH go any higher than 8.0.


Here are my stats, I just measured them:


pH: 7.8

Calcium 420ppm

Alk 10 dkh

Mag 1400ppm


Using Red Sea reef foundation pro kits and RKL probe i calibrated with the 7/10 solution last week.


ATO wise im dosing kalk, 2 tsp per gallon of rodi using a toms lifter into chamber 2s filter pad. it takes me like 3 weeks to use 4 gallons of ATO, so the drip is slow.


I do 20% water changes every 1.5 weeks with more Reef Crystals.


what do i do next to raise my pH, and get it to stay in the 8.1 to 8.3 range?

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SG is 1.025, and i run a fuge light opposite of the display. if the pH probe is correct then ive seen anywhere from 7.65 to 8.0 for the high.


is the AIO hood not letting the air vent causing CO2 to build up???

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How old is the pH probe and did you calibrate your pH probe with RKL? 2 tsp of kalk in ATO is alot along with the light period. I am thinking it should peaks above 8. Also depends on what circulation you have. Unless you are running Calcium reactor, but I do not see why 2tsp of ALK is not enough for Ph. You could increase circulation at the top of the tank.


If you are running fuge light, try to run it reverse period with your display tank. It will helps your pH a bit.

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Sounds like your pH is fine. Don't mess with it unless you have a chronic low pH below 7.8.


The most common problem with low pH in the winter is that our houses are all closed up and we get a lot of CO2 buildup in the house which translates into higher CO2 in the tank and lower pH. The important thing is stability. If you're between 7.8 and 8.3 and it's stable, leave it alone.


A kalk drip can help, but I wouldn't do it unless you're pushing 7.8 or lower all the time. I'm running 1 tsp/gallon in my ATO. My pH would be pushing 7.8 or lower in the winter without it, but with it, and nighttime alk dosing with sodium carbonate and I'm no higher than 8.0.


My advice is to leave it be. And make sure your probe is calibrated properly, or if it's a year old or more, replace and calibrate it.


If you can get some fresh air to the tank, that'll help. Feeding outside air to the skimmer will help, but may not be possible for many people.

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