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Red Leg Hermit: Molt Or Dead?


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Hey guys quick question for you. Im trying to figure out if a hermit crab of mine is dead, or if it is just the molt. The shell is resting on a small peak of an out-cropping of rock I have in my tank. The remnants of the hermit are right outside of the shell, and it looks as if the hermit is still holding the shell even though it is completely out. I am afraid to disturbe it in case it is molting. The legs and claw seem to be still intact. Just the rear portion of the snail is white. What do you guys think? Also my nassarius snails are nowhere to be found, so I figured that it wasnt dead.

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the white part makes me think molt. Either way I wouldnt worry too much, if its dead theres not much to be done. If he's molted, give him some time, theyre usually very shy after a molt since their shells are soft. I often find that shrimps will hide extremely well for days after a molt to keep themselves safe while they are vulnerable. So he may not move for a decent while if he has just molted.


Dont worry too much, let time take its course ;)

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Nassarius Snails hide in the sandbed.


Hermit Crabs do molt, but I can never tell if they're dead or not cause they're so still and even if they are in the open, my fish kills them

and tears them apart so...

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Lol okay. I hope you guys are right. I also just noticed that my blue leg hermit decided to upgrade to a bigger shell today. A lot of "crabby" events going on in my tank today.

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