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20L restart


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Hi everyone

It took longer than expected to get my tank set back up. Finally got some help moving the tank into the living room about ten days ago and it got wet right away. I did not take pictures of the sand storm. Besides everyone having seen plenty of those my pictures are always so bad.

I got a new light it is a coralife lunar aqualight HO-T5. I wanted this light because it has two fans. The 30" would have fit better but I went with the 24" model so I would have many more options when replacing the bulbs. For now I have the legs resting on wood. It will be a PITA for cleaning and water changes but that is better than over heating all summer. It is running with the stock bulbs. The only other equipment is a hydor 150W heater also new. A koralia pump and AC70 filter with carbon, floss and a poly filter.



Photo file too large. As soon as I remember how to resize I will post a couple:(

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