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Fluval Spec V Reef Build


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Heres some pics of my Fluval Spec V reef. I had it up and running for a few months now. Its my first attempt at a saltwater reef tank. Freshwater got boring and i wanted a project so i started this and wanted to get frags in it and watch it fill out as a colorful reef tank. Please let me know what ya guys think.




Fluval Spec V

Minijet 606

Aqueon Heater

Tunze Nano ATO

Beamsworks 18" 3watt LED

DIY rear filter holder for filter floss and Algea

Timer power strip for lights and fug light




8lb live sand

7+ lb live rock

Pulsing Xenia

2 types of Zoanthid

green button polyp

Toadstool Leather

Misc hermit crabs and snails

Fighting Conch

Peppermint Shrimp

Bi-Color Blenny



So far so good, Just going slow sense im on a budget





Caught my Blenny sleeping in a snail shell last night, Made me laugh.


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Looks pretty cool! I like the toadstool island.

I like that name. I might have to use it. "Toadstool Island"

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Feel free! I sometimes wish I bought the spec in stead of the fluval edge. It has been an interesting ride so far.

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